David James Wild, the director of three connected holiday club companies in Morecombe and Carnforth, has been disqualified by the High Court from being a director for nine years for aggressively promoting holiday club memberships to the public that locked customers in to deals and provided only very limited access to resorts.

The disqualification follows an investigation by the Insolvency Service.

Mr Wild, 55, was the director of APD Leisure and Marketing Limited, APD Leisure Group Limited and APD Leisure and Marketing Group Europe Limited. All three companies used high pressure sales techniques to market holiday club memberships and claimed to provide access to unused weeks at timeshare resorts but, when customers tried to book holidays, they were told they were unable to do so.

Following the disqualification in January 2013, the court gave Mr Wild time to appeal which has now elapsed. The disqualification order therefore now stands. The order prevents Mr Wild from acting as a director of a limited company without the permission of the court, until January 2022.

All three companies had previously been wound-up in the public interest, following investigation by the Insolvency Service. The companies took in more than 500,000 overall from of customers, leading to complaints from 234 people who expressed dissatisfaction with the service provided.

In making the disqualification order the court found that under Mr Wilds control the companies had:-
* Used high pressure sales techniques to induce customers to enter into agreements and pay for holiday club memberships,
* Not allowed customers to cancel arrangements,
* Arranged the sales agreement in such a way that customers were not entitled to a cooling off period, and
* Failed to give customers what they had bargained for.

In the case of APD Leisure and Marketing Ltd, the court also found that the company had used the name and logos of an unconnected company to mislead customers to think that the company was bigger and better connected than in fact was the reality.

Commenting on the disqualifications, Ken Beasley, Official Receiver at the Insolvency Services Public Interest Unit, said:

Mr Wild was responsible for the unacceptable trading practices of the APD companies. Many customers were pressurised into paying for holiday club memberships and later found they were unable to book the holidays they had signed up for.

This nine-year disqualification sends a strong message that The Insolvency Service will put a stop to businesses and individuals who engage in the unfair treatment of customers and creditors.

The Insolvency Service will take tough action against culpable directors to protect the public and the business environment.

Source: http://www.bis.gov.uk