Darren Miller, the director of Pedini UK Limited (Pendini), a company that provided kitchen planning and fitting from premises in the west end of London, has been disqualified from acting as a director for four years for failing to pay tax. The disqualification follows an investigation by The Insolvency Service.

Mr Miller, 45, has given an undertaking to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills that he will not act as a director of a limited company for four years with effect from 31 December 2012.
The Insolvency Service investigation showed that when Pedini Limited went into liquidation in 26 June 2009, it owed 2,512,140 to its creditors. HMRC submitted a proof of debt of 1,092,542 in respect of PAYE.
As at April 2007, Pedini had outstanding historical PAYE of 81,787 and
between April 2007 and June 2009 the company incurred further PAYE debts of 1,089,671 but paid just 138,270 to HMRC.

Commenting on the disqualification, Mark Bruce, a Chief Examiner at The Insolvency Service said:

Failure to pay taxes to the Government while at the same time deducting it from members of the public is a very serious matter and the law rightly treats it as such.

The undertaking signed by Darren Miller sends a clear message to other company directors; if you run a business in a way that is detrimental to either its customers or its creditors you will be in our sights. The Insolvency Service will investigate you and you could be removed from the business environment.

Source: http://www.bis.gov.uk/insolvency