Engin Yersilirmak, a company director who duped a creditor by obtaining money from them based on false invoices and then fled the country, has been disqualified for 11 years by Canterbury County Court after being traced as the result of an Insolvency Service investigation.

The disqualification, from 11 July 2013 to 10 July 2024, prevents Mr Yersilirmak from directly or indirectly becoming involved in the promotion, formation or management of a company for the duration of the term.

The court heard that Engin Yersilirmak, 46, made false representations to a factoring company inducing them to advance funds, failing to register for and account for VAT, and failing to preserve accounting records.

Specifically, Mr Yesilirmak caused Star Forwarding UK Ltd (SFUKL) to factor false, duplicate and contra-ed invoices totalling at least 131,307, inducing the advance of monies totalling at least 65,560 without being adequately secured.

When the factoring provider became suspicious they arranged an audit of the company records. Records were cleared from the trading premises the weekend before the audit was due to take place and Mr Yesilirmak then absconded to Turkey.

The court also heard Mr Yesilirmak had previously caused the company to invoice customers using the VAT number of a company placed into administration on 4 February 2010 and, as a consequence, SFUKL charged customers a false sales premium of at least 83,928.

Commenting on the disqualification, David Brooks, Chief Investigator at The Insolvency Service, said:
Other directors tempted to follow this path should get the message: If you run a business in a cavalier or dishonest fashion, The Insolvency Service will investigate what happened, trace your current whereabouts, and remove you from the business environment.

Source: http://insolvency.presscentre.com/