Directors Redundancy Pay

As a director of a UK limited company, you are entitled to claim redundancy, the same as any other employee is entitled to. When submitting your claim,  is processed and paid through the governments National Insurance Fund and Redundancy Payment Service (RPS).

However, claims can be complex and making the wrong disclosures on both the RP1 and RP3 forms can lead to claims being rejected. This is where we can help you and make sure that your claim doesn’t get rejected and your claim is maximised, processed correctly and payments are revived soon as possible.

Directors regularly under claim there redundancy or do not claim at all when there company is placed into liquidation. We can help you maximise your claim from Redundancy Payment Service (RPS), this will be done along side the insolvency practitioner to make sure claims are paid out without the need to go to a tribunal, which is quite costly.

Director Redundancy Claim Criteria

o be able to make a claim as a company director for redundancy, you must first meet a set criteria:

  • You are an employee paid via PAYE Payroll
  • You have been employed on payroll for at least 2 years continuously
  • The company is going into liquidation or must already in liquidation

What can a Director be entitled to?

As a director, you are entitled to the following redundancy:

  • Statutory redundancy pay
  • Notice pay
  • Unpaid wages
  • Holiday pay
 Typical claims are often in the region of £6,000 to £9,000, thought often higher. These fund could be used to fund the liquidation of the company if other funds are not available.

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