Finance & Bridging

“if you had the money then there would be no problem”

Raising finance can be difficult in today’s economic climate whether you are a new business or an existing one seeking further funding.  We can try and help match your requirements with suitable funding organisations for your business.

Traditional bank lending is not the only option, and different banks often have different policies regarding funding to various types of business.  We have contacts with all major banks and should be able to help you know who best to approach.

There are other ways to improve the financial cash flow in your business:

  • Factoring – raising money against sale invoices
  • Improved collection of debts
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Re-financing of assets e.g. equipment
  • Grants that may be available
  • Help with import and export activities
  • Private venture capital

If you are an existing business and looking at current and future cash flow issues that could seriously damage your business then you should also consider any of the specialist services.

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