Hawkhurst Capital Plc, whose shares were offered to the public as part of an early pension release scheme, was put into provisional liquidation on 13 September 2013 by the High Court in Manchester following an investigation by the Insolvency Service.

The purchase of shares in Hawkhurst Capital Plc was made a condition of the release of pension funds, before pensionable age, to the participants in the scheme. The companys registered office was in Great Bookham, Surrey. Its financial accounts describe it as an investment management company.

The order placing the company into provisional liquidation was made following a petition on public interest grounds presented by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. The Official Receiver has been appointed as Provisional Liquidator.

The role of the Provisional Liquidator is to protect assets in the possession of or under the control, of the company pending the determination of the petition. The Provisional Liquidator also has the power to investigate the affairs of the company insofar as it is necessary to protect the assets including any third party or trust money or assets in the possession of or under the control of the company.

The case is now subject to High Court action and no further information will be made available until the petition is heard in the High Court on 5 November 2013.

Source: http://insolvency.presscentre.com/