Morgan Fox (Lettings) Limited, formerly Anthony Morgan Lettings Limited, which in 2012 took over the residential letting assets of Anthony Morgan UK Limited (in liquidation), has itself been ordered into liquidation in the public interest together with a further successor company, Morgan Fox Property Limited, following an investigation by the Insolvency Service.

The investigation found that the serious failings in Anthony Morgan UK Limited (in liquidation) were being repeated in the successor companies to the detriment of tenants and landlords and in some instances people were unaware that there were two Morgan Fox companies.

The failings uncovered included repeatedly not dealing with deposits from tenants in accordance with an authorised scheme as required by the Housing Act 2004.

Welcoming the courts winding up decision Chris Mayhew, Company Investigations Supervisor, said:

Money that should have been protected was not safeguarded as required and tenants and landlords have once more been left out of pocket by the activities of these two companies.

For this to happen once could be considered as unfortunate, but to occur again is carelessness or worse.

Unethical agents who cause hardship and misery for tenants in this way harm the publics trust in the rented sector and the Insolvency Service will investigate and come down hard on companies if they are found, as here, to be operating against the public interest.

The Official Receiver now appointed to wind up both companies affairs will be glad to receive details from any landlords or tenants who have dealt with either of these companies of any failure to repay deposits due by them.

Due to the inadequacy of the records and an intermingling of the companies affairs with a residential letting business operated by the director in his own name, the overall number of properties under management of Morgan Fox (Lettings) Limited (some 64 properties) and Morgan Fox Property Limited (some 42 properties) is presently uncertain.

The properties identified by the investigation were in Chingford, Harlow, and other parts of Essex and in North London.