Leighton John Power, a director of Help Direct UK Limited, has been disqualified for six years.

Help Direct UK Limited was a call centre-based business in Swansea, generating and selling marketing leads. The company entered creditor?s voluntary liquidation on 7 December 2015 owing its creditors an estimated ?342,447.

Between and 7 April 2015 and 30 April 2015, Help Direct UK Limited sent thousands of unsolicited (spam) text messages to private individuals without their consent, which led to 6,757 complaints being made.

The Information Commissioner (ICO) issued a monetary penalty of ?200,000 on 21 October 2015. The company failed to pay the penalty prior to entering creditors voluntary liquidation on 7 December 2015, at which point the company had total assets of ?1,287 and total debts of ?343,734.

Commenting on the disqualification, Susan MacLeod, Chief Investigator at The Insolvency Service, said:

In this particular case, the company had been warned by the Information Commissioner?s Office about sending unsolicited messages, and had been served with a notice requiring the company to comply with the law. Despite this, the company continued sending thousands of spam text messages which led to over 6,000 complaints from the recipients.

Individuals who demonstrate such disregard for the law are clearly not fit to be a director of a company. Company directors should note that the Insolvency Service will take action to protect the public where directors have failed to adhere to the law.

Andy Curry, enforcement manager at the ICO, said:

This shows that company directors can not leave by the back door as my team is coming through the front door.

It sends a clear message that the companies behind nuisance calls and texts will be held to account.